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Sage's core belief is prevention—that evidence-based interventions will lead to improved outcomes. This belief led to the birth of Interventional Patient Hygiene, a nursing action plan focused on fortifying patients' host defenses with evidence-based care. By promoting a return to the basics of nursing care, our advanced patient hygiene products and programs help healthcare facilities improve clinical outcomes by reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infection and skin breakdown.

Sage Products is much more than just a healthcare manufacturing company. We are true innovators and have been that way from the very beginning. We don't just take existing concepts and make them our own. We develop new concepts and products that address the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare industry. We take ideas, turn them into clinically relevant products and bring them to the marketplace as quickly as possible. But we don't just do this in a lab or boardroom. We take a hands-on approach to developing and improving our products, spending time in facilities listening to those people who use our products every day. We rely on feedback from clients and experiences in the field to develop products that will ultimately enhance patient care.

Healthcare is a business, but to us it's personal. Our seasoned sales team truly cares about the customer and their patients. Whether in the hospital, alternate care or retail arena, we take the time to listen and respond to the needs of the rapidly changing healthcare market. Our customer service teams ensure responsive, personalized service for the length of customers' relationship with Sage. Our customers demand total satisfaction from Sage's products and service, and Sage demands that our people give them that satisfaction.

Our current 557,561-square-foot facility in Cary, Illinois, is a state-of-the-art testament to quality, manufacturing hundreds of products all under one roof. Everything in our facility is automated to the highest degree, incorporating integrated vision systems designed to keep only the best products in the hands of our customers. Our manufacturing and operations personnel, many who have been at Sage 10 or more years, are the backbone of our success. At end of the day, we are truly a manufacturing company. In a time when more and more products are being manufactured overseas, we take great pride in the fact that our products are made right here in Cary, Illinois, USA!

The Sage name is synonymous with quality. Our customers expect it, and we go out of our way to deliver it. This includes not only how we develop our products, but also how we manufacture and release them to our customers. Our exhaustive battery of tests and rigorous inspection processes ensure our products exceed all quality standards.

Sage is a respected, market leading manufacturer with more than 700 associates and a portfolio that includes health and personal care products for the entire healthcare continuum. Innovation, manufacturing expertise, and the most responsive sales and service in the industry are the catalyst for progressive growth as we work to provide simple, low-cost interventions that yield extraordinary outcomes.

In addition to being a leader in the healthcare industry, Sage is also a leader in the community. We derive so many benefits from the community including our labor force, vendors and customers. For that reason, it's imperative that we give back. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to make the difference in the lives of our customers and associates.

About Sage

About Sage

About Sage

About Sage

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